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What is Net-Zero Home?

Net-Zero homes produce as much clean energy as they consume and are up to 80% more eco-friendly than typical new homes. Energy-efficient building design equipped with high-performance insulation and windows, and excellent airtightness, Net-Zero building minimizes heating and cooling needs, decreases carbon footprint significantly and makes your home more economical and environment friendly. To further offset the energy used for heating and cooling, Net-Zero Homes may use renewable energy systems–commonly solar–to generate electricity.


What is a Net-Zero Ready Home?

The only difference in the Net-Zero ready home is that the renewable energy system (i.e., solar panels) has not yet been installed. However, the framework has already been designed and constructed for the installation of solar panels. Think of a Net-Zero Ready Home as being wired for using the renewable energy system in the future, so that when the homeowners are able to invest in installing solar panels, it’s ready to go. This is also called “PV Ready”.

Why would you choose a Net-Zero Home over a Net-Zero Ready Home?

Renewable energy system parts such as solar panels have a significant upfront cost that some prospective homeowners may not be ready for. A Net Zero Ready Home is an extremely energy-efficient home that’s easy to upgrade to a Net Zero Home, but you won't be able to take advantage of the renewable energy system right away.

Both Net-Zero and Net-Zero Ready Homes are significantly more energy-efficient choices than traditionally built new homes. The benefits of both options include:

Exceptional Value

Your utility bills will fall to an all-time low and stay low all year round. Net-Zero and Net-Zero Ready Homes protect you from future increases in energy prices. And, built to higher standards (an airtight building envelope, high-performance insulation, and high-efficiency windows), these homes are more durable.

A Better Living Experience

Advanced construction methods and superior heating, cooling, and fresh air ventilation systems mean even temperatures throughout the house, better indoor air quality (with fewer allergens and asthma triggers such as dust and pollen), and less outside noise, providing greater comfort and healthier living.

Environmentally Responsible

All the features of both Net-Zero and Net-Zero Ready Homes work together to significantly minimize your household’s environmental footprint by preserving our natural resources and providing protection against climate change. Investing in a Net-Zero or Net-Zero Ready Home means embracing an energy-efficient future. If you’re interested in reducing your home’s energy consumption, a Net-Zero or Net-Zero Ready Home might be the right choice for you!

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